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sarah, sarah, pirate queen


7 February 1983
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i like the cars, the cars that go boom. i like to buy kitset furniture and spending weeks putting it together using only a shoe and a knife. i like street signs that people have fucked with, the mini putt sign in pram that someone has changed to mini butt makes me laugh until i cry every time. sure ill "holla back", it will be with my fist though. i like to make lists of things i will not buy, i should take those lists with me when i go shopping because i buy the stuff anyway. i use spell check and there is still spelling mistakes, i like that. using lyrics in place of normal talk is great, i mean stuff like "i'mma balla, high rolla baby, shot-caller balla" can be used on so many occasions to sum me up. nametags with fake names on them amuse me, next function im so "senor robin fancypants". droppin it like its hot, hot potato hot potato. the name wayne makes me laugh, i say it in my head like erm, retarded like hehehe, sorry wayne. hey im going to do some work now, because you know this isnt actually my job, but right now im getting paid to do it. scandalous.

"Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
abandoned places, ac/dc, alice in wonderland, amusement parks, badjelly the witch, band shirts, beastie boys, bmxing, bogans, braclets, bring it on, bubbles, cardboard, cartoons, chuck taylor all stars, coloured paper, concerts, converse, crayons, creative spelling, crowded house, cruel intentions, danger mouse, darcy clay, dark tower, david mirra, dawn raid, elemeno p, feeding ducks, fire, foo fighters, forms, fruitloops, fullstops, funny bottles, fur patrol, glitter, goldfish, goodshirt, gothic script, hair dye, havoc and newsboy, head like a hole, hlah, hobos, holdens, hopping, hrt, hsv, hubcaps, huffer clothing, illicit clothing, jaren grob, jon toogood, julia deans, junk shops, k bars, kingswood, kitsch, messages, milo, misery, mix tapes, mr potato head, my little ponies, necklaces, new zealand music, nin, nine inch nails, nz music, old skool adidas jackets, op-shops, oversized cups, p money, pacifier, paper cups, paperclips, pencil cases, pennywise, piercings, pink pens, pink things, pins, pirates, pizza, placebo, plaid, postit notes, push push, pyjama pants, quiting, quizes, radiohead, records, retro, rip it up magazine, rock music, rollercoasters, rolling stone magazine, salmonella dub, school bags, scribe, sherbet, shihad, shoes, sideways, silver things, skateboarding, slim, smashing pumpkins, snail mail, snorks, snowboarding, sommerset, sparkles, split endz, stars, steriogram, straws, string, subversion, supergroove, swallows, tattoos, the bravest ever bear, the d4, the datsuns, the exponents, the feelers, the madhatter, the queen of hearts, the superjesus, the young ones, thumb twiddling, tvsn, underwear, vinyl, wakeboarding, weta, wildside records, wombles, wuzzles


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