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12/4/12 19:46 - Failure

I have wasted so much money. So much. I bought a bike.

A bike.

I had a bike and I sold it.

I have half a bmx in the garage.

A bike.

But in better news I haven't spent any money today.

I only need a few food items and I can hopefully make it to pay day without buying anything.

Except a helmet.

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7/4/12 17:26 - Oh dear

So the last two days. I have gone out for bunch, which luckily was paid for, I was planning to pay for mine though, got McDonald's $10.40, went out for lunch today, another $10, and then bought some chocolate biscuits , a lush bath bomb and a magazine ( shut up I had bad night) another $12.


Tomorrow I spend nothing!

On Monday I'm going to the movies, luckily I have a gift voucher. Then Tuesday will be another don't leave the house so I cant spend anything day.

At least I smell amazing, right?

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5/4/12 20:47 - Peow peow

So after coming home to a card to collect or a courier package or two on my doorstep every day for the last little while, I decided that this pay I wasnt going to buy anything this pay, aside from paying my bills, getting food and petrol.

I'm talking about 14 days of not buying crap, 14. And two of those days the shops are closed due to Easter.

Two hours into my pay day I was desperate to leave work early and get to the mall. I spent all day thinking of reasons I could excuse myself for breaking the rules. On the way home I went to the petrol station then stopped to do my grocery shopping - I skipped the aisle with the non food items.

At about 10pm I cracked and spent $6.50 on smurfberries.

Today I went to the mall to get some medication, I couldnt even trust myself to go into other shops. I power walked head down to the other end of the mall to dick smith to buy a cable for my mp3 player to replace the one that had broken in my car. Once home I bought a $1.30 cluedo app. Seconds later I regretted that.

So two days in and I've spent $20.29 over what I should have. Not good, but better than the huge shopping spree I would do every payday.

Only 12 days to go........

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21/2/12 20:23 - its beena year since i posted here

i cant even think of how i posted here every single freaking day.

i bought a new camera, so heres 2340823 photos of my dog

she hops in this chair when i boot her out of bed at 7.30am. she does not move from here until 2pm. every single day. i am jealous

19/2/11 22:17 - pull the strings

today i went to the petone fair. i bought a 1950's puppet from a junk shop for $10. i went into another junk shop and the guy was like O_O and wanted a look. i have found others valued online from about $40 to $250.

then i went and waited FOREVER for a ride on a tugboat, i saw the new queen elizabeth cruise ship, then the tug boat did a 360 and stuff.

some photos can be found here

28/11/10 09:29 - i took some photos at jayz/u2

the rest are here

9/11/10 21:34 - snap snap

i was given a dvd with some photos of my grandma on it. i think she is really beautiful

22/8/10 14:49 - click

cairo knife fight

16/8/10 21:58 - zoom

lupin you are the worst model ever

but, happy 5th birthday for tomorrow, you old bat <3

6/8/10 21:34 - teehee

it is nearly lupins birthday, while looking for a new hoody for her i found this costume. ahahahha. im tempted by the one that was a shark
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